Fingerprint Wedding Rings

For your guidance, we have provided a series of steps - resulting in the perfect pair of fingerprint wedding rings.

1. Choose your wedding ring designs

First, choose your wedding rings. We can engrave on the inside or outside of most rings.

Remember patterned wedding rings will only be suitable for an engraving on the inner surface.

2. Place your order

Place your order on our website selecting engraving option that best represents your requirements.

After successful placement of order, please take note of the Invoice Number and Wedding ring code, or visit "My Profile"->"Order History"->"Invoice".

3. Scan your fingerprints

Prepare a white sheet of paper and ink pad (or inkless fingerprint pad for best result).

Take your time trying to get a good print for your rings.

Photo paper with a satin or glossy finish can produce great results. Press your finger gently onto the black pad (blue pad) ONCE and press this onto the white paper for 5 consecutive times (see sample format below).

Aim for the clearest print with the most definition. Make as many attempts as you want. Remember - the clearer the detail, the better the results.

The image above shows the clarity of the print you should aim for to achieve ideal results.